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 Burning Tiger, Bandit KING >:]

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Frozen Sparrow

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PostSubject: Burning Tiger, Bandit KING >:]   Sun May 24, 2009 11:12 pm

[Hello, all! This is Frozen Sparrow and because my comrade Burning Tiger is going to be incorporated in the event, I felt like I might as well tell you a little about him. Ok here goes, by the way, this is from HIS perspective.]

"BEWARE! Bandits in area."

What is this..? Oh. Sparrow must of put it up. Who is Sparrow, you ask. Haha. You must be a nobody if you don't know who the feared Frozen Sparrow is. She's a fellow bandit as well. She's not under my rule, you know, she's one of those, what do you call them, uh, rogue bandits. Her icy longsword is rumored throughout the forest to be deadly. But yeah, her cruel remarks and skills are no match for the me, Bandit King, Burning Tiger!

Yep. That's me. Burning Tiger, Bandit King. I try to not brag, but it's kinda not noticeable (Is it?). I'm the King of the Bandits of Amskir. We reside in the (obviously) Forest of Amskir. Trespass and I'm sure one of my guys will catch you (If Frozen Sparrow hasn't already gotten to you first!) My weapon of choice is two pairs of daggers. They have no name, but if I don't scare you off, then I'm sure that their fiery edges will send you running for the hills. That's right, I'm also a fire mage. Well not exactly a mage, but I am skilled in fire magic. My skill level is around the same as Sparrow's. I can set things ablaze and my footprints leave the ground scorching hot.

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PostSubject: Re: Burning Tiger, Bandit KING >:]   Sun May 24, 2009 11:17 pm

Pfft. Ufufufu! Phuahaha!!!! XDDDD The Silver Rogue shall be here..... Sooooon~
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Burning Tiger, Bandit KING >:]
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